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Who are we ?

Herbesbio.com is your supplier of food supplements and other natural products for: well-being, sexuality, sport, food, beauty ... Our priority is to offer you the best online shopping experience possible with a choice of several products, detailed information, competitive prices and fast and guaranteed delivery services. All while enjoying an offer "satisfied or refunded within 15 days".

Find your vital energy with our range of products designed for your well being. You can acquire a new lifestyle to benefit your body and your environment on a daily basis.

To compensate for lifestyles that are more and more rhythmic or exposed to certain diseases or simply to find a radiant shape, the food supplement is the ideal solution: natural antioxidants, natural amino acids ... It comes in many forms to fit your body's needs. Every problem has its solution! And it is possible to get well-being in a natural way. Our dietary supplements have been developed exclusively from natural herbs, none of the components of the products we market require a prescription.

Each of our dietary supplements will bring a different benefit for your body. Do you know the Maca that is used to treat all your sexual problems, fertility, fatigue, stress, concentration, menopause? Do you know that Ginseng can lower your cholesterol levels? Do you know that Organic Honey can clean the kidneys? They represent a natural solution to improve your everyday life. You will feel better, simply with our products that come from: France, England, Usa, Malaysia, Canada, South Korea .

And as well-being does not only go through the diet, we also offer a wide range of products for your beauty. Why not opt for dietary supplements with natural ingredients?

We distribute specialized brands recognized for their quality. If you have any questions regarding one of our products or if you wish to be advised to acquire a better lifestyle, do not hesitate to contact us on our line at: 00221 78 460 06 06

Our mission

More than just a wide range of products, Herbesbio's mission is to offer you the best of herbal medicine.

Since the launch, this ambition continues by continuously deepening our knowledge in our field, its applications and its origins. It is also conducted in parallel with a quality and personalized service that has made our reputation and which founds our identity:

  •      . Excellence of quality : the quality of our products is reflected in their formulations which contain the latest generation of plant active ingredients. These have been the subject of rigorous studies that prove their effectiveness and guarantee their safety.
  •      . Excellence of innovation : Anticipating market trends, Herbesbio is constantly looking for new products of superior quality to guarantee their action and absolute food safety.
  •      . Excellence of service : our duty is to offer you a flawless customer service. Shipping without defects and as soon as possible, satisfaction guarantee, data protection and payment security, ergonomics and speed of the site.
  •     . Excellence of proximity : in all circumstances, Herbesbio is the responsive and available advisor you can count on. Our interactive telephone platform ensures that each of your questions is answered within 24 hours. The staff at your service is committed to never leaving you alone without solutions.

Quality guarantee

Thanks to our very good relations with our suppliers and our customers, we are able to progress regularly in our quality of service. We try to provide our visitors the best quality of service possible. Our customers regularly evaluate our products based on their experience, and the fact that 80% of our orders are reiterated in the following months is a guarantee of the quality of our products. If we receive many negative reviews about any of our products, we will not hesitate to contact the manufacturer to find out how to improve it. If we can not solve the problem in this way, we will remove the product from our range and look for a better solution.